About Tantu

Teun de Kruif, better known as Tantu, is a 26-year-old music producer from Utrecht, The Netherlands. With a drummer & studio engineer as a brother, music was never far away as a child. Nevertheless it wasn’t until the age of 14 that Teun started showing interest in making music himself. Through his beloved hobby of skateboarding, he came in touch with Hip-Hop and realized that he was able to create this on a computer. After some practice, Teun became Tantu and he started uploading his beats to Youtube. With this he was amongst the first generation of music producers to marked their music on this platform.

While developing his sound throughout the years and making a living off his craft, Tantu couldn’t resist dropping two solo projects in the meantime:

Now, 11 years after the first time he touched FL Studio, Tantu has gained over 100.000 subscribers on Youtube, received a platinum-certification, provided thousands of artists with beats and has licensed music with brands like VICE, Universal Music, KPNTop Notch and many more. In 2019, Tantu graduated as a Bachelor of Music at the University of the Arts Utrecht. Tantu is advancing in musical expertise at a great speed and is ready to implement this knowledge in his music. Whether it’s bouncy Hip-Hop, smooth RnB or catchy Pop: Tantu has got you covered!

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